Well the sun is currently trying to make an appearance and the weather seems to be warming up a little, this can only mean one thing… sunnier days are ahead of us. Like those who supply a range of clothing fit for the summer, we here at Happy Feet Shoes always look forward to the spring and summer seasons. As a supplier of stylish wholesale ladies shoes in Manchester, we love nothing more than supplying our customers with an exciting range of footwear fit for the warmer months ahead.

No range of summer footwear is complete with a selection of stylish sandals, and we here at Happy Feet Shoes just so happen to stock an exciting range of sandals, as part of our wholesale ladies shoes collection.

Sandals are probably one of the oldest items of footwear known to man. It is thought they date all the way back to ancient Egypt. Although these sandals wouldn’t be considered sophisticated by the standards of today, ancient Egyptian sandals were cleverly constructed out of palm leaves and papyrus.

The word sandal is in fact a Greek word, and the sandals worn by those in the times of ancient Greece, were probably a little more recognisable than those worn in ancient Egypt. These ones had a durable sole, made from a thick type of cork.

The sandals of today, however, are extremely fashionable accessories. They can be worn with pretty much any outfit, on pretty much any occasion. For many, sandals are their ‘go to’ footwear as soon as those warmer sunnier days begin to make an appearance, and no summer wardrobe is complete without them.

Here at Happy Feet Shoes, we take great pride in offering our customers the very best wholesale ladies shoes in Manchester. Get over to our website and view the full range of wholesale sandals that we have on offer.

Summer Worthy Footwear

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