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Is finding the right pair of shoes really that traumatic? A few articles on line this week certainly seem to think so. According to a recent study it is thought that women take longer to buy a pair of shoes than they do a house. Although this wasn’t the sole focus of the study, it still seems to be quite an outlandish claim.

Although we are not quite sure who carried out the research, it is believed that us Brits spend on average just twenty-four hours deciding on a home, while we can spend as much as forty-eight deciding if we want that killer pair of heels or not. So is it a fair comment? Well probably not. First of all, let us not forget the pressures that come with purchasing property. It isn’t always that easy to find somewhere you love, somewhere you can see yourself living, somewhere you will feel cosy and at home, and somewhere that you can see yourself for many years to come.

Once you have found a place, the race is on to seal the deal! After all, you don’t want to miss out to other interested parties, and as such this is likely to be one of the occasions that you waste no time in making a decision. At the same time, this isn’t to say that you should decide on your pair of shoes in haste!

Those who do struggle to find the right pair of shoes, no longer need to worry. We here at Happy Feet Shoes, like to think that we can make this shopping process a little easier for you. We stock a large selection of quality, stylish wholesale ladies shoes, and they are ready for you to snap up today.

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