You may recall that a few weeks back we wrote an article featuring some of our summer worthy wholesale women’s footwear, ‘Summer Worthy Footwear’, however it seems that the current weather can’t make its mind up.

So, are you having difficulty trying to keep up with the weather at the moment as well? Although we have been treated to some glorious sunshine of late, the temperatures don’t seem to have caught up just yet. What is more, we seem to be in the midst of a few snow showers at present! Not something we would usually expect at this time of the year.

More confusingly, at the time of writing this article we have just come out of a snow shower and the sky is currently a clear blue colour, what is more, the sun has made a re-appearance. It is safe to say that I am indeed having some difficulty keeping up with this indecisive weather.

According to a number of articles online and in the press right now, we may not have seen the last of these winter temperatures and snow showers just yet! This spring is being referred to as ‘the worst spring since 1981’, and if the weatherman’s current predictions are correct, then we may wake up to snow covered ground over the weekend. On the other hand, even the experts get it wrong from time to time.

So this begs the question, what footwear do we need right now! Well luckily for you as a leading supplier of wholesale women’s footwear, we have a stock full of wholesale women’s footwear that is suitable for any season. We stock some stylish ladies boots as well, all your summer favourite footwear, featuring a wide selection of ladies sandals, flats and more.

You shouldn’t let the current weather situation put you off keeping a fully complimented stock of shoes this season. The sun will soon be shining again soon, so as we move towards the summer why not take this opportunity to stock up with some of our superb wholesale women’s footwear.

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