As suppliers of wholesale women’s footwear, we here at Happy Feet are always thinking of the best footwear for any number of different occasions. With summer approaching it only seems right that we discuss the humble sandal. So today we are asking “are sandals the perfect summer shoes?”

Looking out of the window today may however have you a little confused. Today is after all a little greyer in hue than we have been used to over the last week or so, however if the forecasts are believed to be true, we may soon see a return to those sunny blue skies. With the sun said to be making an appearance again from tomorrow, and staying with us right through to next week, there is no better time to check your summer footwear collections.

So are sandals really everyone’s go to pair of shoes as soon as the sun begins to shine? Well they really should be. They are the perfect piece of footwear for the summer season. There are those however who will argue their case against the humble sandal.

Sandals are casual attire, but they can be dressed up to depending on their design of course, and as soon as the sun hits the sky, the sandal is surely a much more preferable shoe than a closed one. If you are looking to add to your sandal collection, then come and check out the range that we have on offer here at Happy Feet Shoes. The stunning sandals and other wholesale women’s footwear that we have on offer are great for any occasion whether you need a casual or smart and sophisticated look.

The weather maybe a little unpredictable but one thing is for sure, as we move further towards the summer we can expect a few more sunny days yet. Visit our website today and you will see for yourself just how the sandal is the perfect foot wear for the summer season. View our full range of wholesale women’s footwear today.

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